the barney’s annual pumpkin carving party

every year that keith and i have been together, we have thrown a pumpkin carving party for our friends. its a tradition that we didn’t really expect to catch on but it’s becoming more and more popular with our friends and they look forward to it every year.

this year we had the most people ever in our apartment – i think we topped out at 11. fortunately, our friends are very low maintenance and don’t mind sitting on the floor to eat, haha.

keith and i were clueless as to what we wanted to dress up as for halloween this year until a little lightbulb went off in his head. while sitting on the couch, he turns to me and says, ‘i think i am going to be you for halloween.’ so naturally i replied with, ‘then i have to be you!’

being keith was really easy actually. i wore his clothes (he even helped me pick out the outfit he would wear), and painted on a beard! *see photos below* keith, on the other hand, was a little more high maintenance. (i wonder if i am really that high maintenance?) Anyway, keith wanted to be me, in my dental hygiene attire with my books and supplies. haha. i helped him by applying his makeup and curling his hair. he even let me put false eyelashes on him!

can’t wait until next year!

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i am serious about my dental hygiene career. i promise.


i am in my fifth week of dental hygiene school. i successfully made it through my first round of exams – with a’s 🙂 you may be curious about what is on my face. these little expensive buggers are my “loupes.” they help with magnification so that i won’t miss any build up on the set of teeth that i am cleaning. the light shining from them is my new ultralight optic light that lights up the mouth without casting any shadows. this may all have no value to any of you, but to me it will be a lifesaver in my career. if you know me, you know i couldn’t resist taking a silly picture of my new get up.

last night i attended a cpr class and let me tell you… it was the best cpr class i have ever taken. i feel fully prepared to save someone’s life, although, i really hope i won’t every be in a situation where i have to do so. *fingers crossed*.

time is flying by.

autumn wreath

i have been shopping around for a unique autumn wreath but couldn’t find one that screamed out at me – so i decided to make one. how difficult could it be?

well, here is the finished product:

what you need:

1 12 in. styrofoam wreath

1/2 yd. burlap

1/8 yd. of your favorite fabric patterns (preferably cotton) – i used 3

2 sheets of felt – i used two accent colors to go with the fabric

a handful of push pins or floral pins

a handful of greening pins (found in the floral section of your favorite craft store. not necessary but they blend in better)

hot glue gun and glue sticks

wreath hanger

a boring door

how you do it:

cut the burlap into long 3 inch strips. i rolled them up like ace bandages, then wrapped each strip one-by-one onto the styrofoam, layering over each piece slightly. secure with a greening pin where necessary, until wreath is completely covered.

cut your fabric pieces into 1.5 inch strips and follow this tutorial to make your rosettes. cut your felt into circles a little larger than your finished rosettes. depending on how large or small you want your rosettes, keep your strips of fabric longer for larger rosettes, or shorter for smaller rosettes. i cut my felt after my rosettes were complete. using your hot glue gun, glue your rosettes onto the felt.

attach felt rosettes to the wreath wherever you’d like, securing with floral pins.

i had some extra felt, so i cut out some flowers and pinned them as accents.

i also had some left over burlap and yellow fabric so i made a large burlap rosette (the same way as the smaller ones) but halfway through i fed in my leftover yellow fabric.

hang and enjoy